Born in Argentina, he always knew that one day he would work in something related to art and technology. First as a freelance illustrator and then full time as a fashion photographer, carrying out all aspects of creating a name as a recognized professional photographer.









Welcome to the Equestrian Fine Art gallery by Pablo Schreiterer, a space where the grace and power of horses are captured through the lens of artistic mastery. In this collection, each photograph is more than an image; it’s a celebration of the equine spirit, a tribute to the majestic beauty and complex personalities of these noble creatures.

My journey into equestrian fine art photography has been one of passion and discovery. Inspired by the profound connection between horses and humans, my work seeks to unveil the soulful interaction and mutual respect that defines this relationship. From the quiet moments of serenity to the dynamic displays of strength and elegance, these images encapsulate the essence of the equestrian world.

In crafting these photographs, I blend traditional techniques with a contemporary vision, resulting in works that are timeless yet modern. The attention to detail, the play of light and shadow, and the depth of emotion in each piece are designed to engage the viewer, inviting them into a world that is both ethereal and grounded in reality.

Whether you are an equestrian enthusiast, an art collector, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these magnificent animals, this collection offers a unique perspective that transcends the ordinary. I invite you to explore this gallery and experience the allure and passion of equestrian fine art.

Let’s make something amazing together


Wellington, FL